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Tamco Systems Division Announces the Latest Double Conversion Online UPS - Vplus Enigma

04 November 2005

Tamco Systems Division is pleased to introduce the latest in its family of double conversion online uninterruptible power systems, the Vplus Enigma. Built for its regional audience, the Vplus Enigma is the truly N+X UPS solution for mid-range, mission critical applications. It’s a scalable, modular, flexible UPS that combines the highest level of reliability with the lowest cost of ownership from 4 to 24KVA range, and enables customers to “build” a power solution tailored and specific to their needs, with the precise KVA rating, expandable level of redundancy and increased battery times, through plug-and-play 4KVA power modules.


Available in a flexible configuration of N+X systems redundancy, the Vplus Enigma Scalable UPS delivers ideal power protection management for critical application such as enterprise server farms, networks environment, telecommunications, Internet service providers and any other mission-critical applications against all type power anomalies.

The Vplus Enigma provides maximum availability, efficiency, simplicity and performance through a host of standard and optional features.

Features and Benefits:

  • Modularity
  • Scalability
  • A True Global platform
  • Double conversion online design provides the highest degree of system availability solving all power anomalies
  • N + X redundancy eliminates system level single point of failure
  • True online double conversion
  • Optional Charger for Long Runtime Applications
  • External Battery Cabinet for choice of battery selection
  • Compact footprint with light weight power modules
  • Enhanced User interface panel
  • Full communication capability


About Tamco Systems

Founded in 1964, Tamco Systems is a one-stop solutions provider offering competitive, reliable and integrated solutions to a range of industries which includes the industrial, commercial, military, oil and gas, infrastructural and lifestyle industries. Tamco Systems delivers reliable electrical power distribution and protection solutions, enhanced environmental, hygiene and cable management and illumination solutions augmented by a responsive operational and maintenance service team. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Tamco is dedicated to be a Total Systems Total Solutions provider. For more information on Tamco Systems, visit www.tamco-systems.com or call (65) 6862 3777.

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