TwinSource Rack Mount Static Transfer Switches provide the highest reliablility of electrical supply at 7x24 critical sites

We now have the static transfer switch technology to help you avoid these types of situations:

A multinational bank operations center performing critical 7 x 24 operations cannot sustain an outage without substantial losses and disruption to global operations.
A telecommunications site that hosts multitudes of users cannot go down without loss of revenues and credibility with its customers.
Loss of power to systems controlling tools, ovens, and apparatus that manufacture intricate microelectronics can cause lost product, delays in shipment, and loss of quality.
A boiler control system of a power plant supporting a major manufacturing operation cannot be disabled without substantial cost of recovery and degradation of product quality.
Loss of power to computers and display systems at a major air traffic control center poses risks to passenger safety as well as causing flight delays.

In today's fast paced data processing and communications environments, electronic systems operate the central machinery of our financial, manufacturing and service industries' backbones. The on-line availability of these systems is ever more critical. Stand alone static transfer switches, static transfer switch/PDU combinations, and now rack mounted static transfer switches have become the last line of defense against any disruptions to 7x24 availability of these critical sites.