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Tamco Specialty Systems offers a broad range of sophisticated, end-to-end specialty systems in environmental, hygiene, cable management and illumination.

Our engineered solutions feature the highest standards of quality, reliability and consistency, complemented by our specialist knowledge and exemplary service.

Tamco Specialty Systems' environmental solutions aim to enhance the living and work environment of buildings and offices for better quality of life and business optimization.

Our comprehensive systems cover air flow products such as fans, air purifiers, air fresheners to circulate, change and enhance air quality; engineered polymer solutions including subsoil drainage systems and customized rubbish bins; and hazardous environmental products such as beacons, sounders and explosion proof fittings.


At Tamco Specialty Systems, we are committed to improving the hygiene standards for better quality of life.

We offer one stop Swisher hospital grade sanitation and hygiene services - deep cleaning, anti bacteria treatment and pest management - for better protection; and products such as hand dryers, wall mounted hair dryers and washroom accessories.


Cable Management and Illumination
Tamco Specialty Systems' cable management and illumination solutions aim to provide innovative and high quality products and systems to residential, commerical and industrial sectors.

Our flexible and rigid conduits, lighting poles are used in rail transits, lift and communication applications; street lighting installations across Singapore and Hong Kong which further endorses Tamco Specialty Systems' commitment to provide high quality products and services to our customers complemented by our specialist knowledge and service