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The digital age with round-the-clock business operations demands heightened standards of systems, networks and infrastructure availability.

At Tamco Power Systems, we strive towards the highest possible systems uptime through the elimination of power anomalies, in order to help our customers optimize their business results.

Tamco Power Systems offers total power distribution and protection solutions. We provide the broadest power protection solutions in the market to support mission critical applications from 99.99% to 99.9999% of systems availability. Our power protection solutions ensure uninterrupted power supply, from 400VA to 4000kVA integrated with dual bus synchronization control, static transfer switches and battery monitoring systems which allow for expansion from SOHO to high 9 mission critical facilities.

For several decades, Tamco Systems has provided reliable energy systems and non-stop power protection for major services such as telecommunications, information technology services, essential public and utilities services, industrial and commercial buildings, and hazardous environment protection.

Apart from optimal power availability and power protection, Tamco Power Systems provides end-to-end integrated solutions, from systems design and installation to 24x7 customer service and preventive maintenance.

We tailor our solutions to suit the unique needs of each of our customers and work in synergy with them throughout their business life-cycle to ensure that they enjoy the highest possible level of service.

Our power distribution and protection products such as transformers, switchgear, busduct and cables, are designed with added features like lightning protection, harmonic filtering, static switches and energy storage systems, to ensure certainty of power. Coupled with our cost-effective packages and service plans, Tamco Power Systems offers you the one-stop convenience for all your power needs.

The result is maximum power availability, certainty and reliability for your business.