Year 2005 Archives
4 November 2005
  Tamco Systems Division Announces the Latest Double Conversion Online UPS - Vplus Enigma
2 September 2005
  Canon Opto Factory places order for third unit of power transformer from Tamco Systems Malaysia
  Komag USA 33kV Intake Substation Upgrade
1 September 2005
  F&NCC Beverages New 33kV Substation
12 May 2005
  Tamco Systems Division Announces V-Soft CD Suite
15 April 2005
  FloraFox (Dubai)  Awarded Contract in South Korea
01 March 2005
  Relocation of Tamco Systems Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
05 January 2005
  Second Power Transformer Order for Canon Opto Factory
03 January 2005
  Tamco Systems (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and Powertonix S.p.A Signs Co-operation Agreement