Hitec Dynamic UPS systems, integrates diesel engine, Induction coupling and generator to achieve a continuous power system incorporating an on-line reactor choke to deliver regulated and clean power for mission critical applications. A single module can provide power of up to 2500KVA.

Hitec Power Protection diesel CPS (Continuous Power System) provide clean, reliable and continuous power to mission critical operations. In normal operation, the CPS system provides regulating features by serving as a power conditioner which filters all major power anomalies such as dips, glitches, spikes, sags and surges. During a lost of utility power, the CPS immediately transfers to diesel operation through a sophisticated monitoring and control system.

During the transfer, the system's induction coupling, a kinetic energy storage medium provides the ride-through kinetic energy that enables seamless transfer without causing interruption to the operation of the downstream critical loads. Meanwhile the control will start the diesel engine and once started, the coupled generator will supply power to the load indefinitely.

Hitec Power Protection’s CPS systems are manufactured to the highest standard and precision required by all high technology companies such as semiconductor wafer fabrication plants and financial center. The reliability of the CPS system has been extensively field proven and its simple and robust construction contribute to low operational and maintenance costs.


High Non-Linear Load Capability
High Peak Current Capability (typical 10 - 15 In.)
High Fuse Clearing Capability
Low Input Distortion
High Input Power Factor
Low Component Count
High Systems Efficiency
Highest Reliability and Efficiency
Uses Stored Kinetic Energy
Integrated Power Factor Correction
Effective Filtering for all major power problems
Low Service Requirements
Hard, Resilient, Electrical System

Non heat sensitive

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